Videos about "Beads on One String"

From his home in the pine woods of Minnesota, author/musician/speaker Dennis Warner describes The Beads on One String Project and how he inspires kids to create a more positive world to live in.


Zimmerman High School Graduating Class Honors Dennis Warner

When these graduating seniors were in fourth grade, their
elementary school participated in the Beads on One String Project.
It's a concert and message they've never forgotten. They invited
Dennis to be the guest speaker at their homecoming celebration in
October 2014, then invited Dennis to sing and be the guest
of honor at their graduation. Pretty cool!



A wonderful feature on the evening news about the
Beads on One String Project
in a local public school.


The Beads on One String book,song and message has traveled throughout the world - Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Peru, Japan, China, Venezuela, Columbia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Germany, Italy, France, Iraq, Australia, Canada, Mexico and probably more that we don't know about. And let's not forget all 50 U.S. States!

Here, Zane Schaeffer talks about bringing
Beads on One String
to the Philippines!

 Live footage from a visit to a Colorado school.
(Move your curser off the screen to see the full image)


A St. Paul public TV station which featured the book,
"Beads On One String" being read in several different languages.

The remainder of the video includes footage sent to
us by many different schools that have incorporated
"The Beads On One String Project" into their curriculum.

Dennis Warner narrates this fascinating slide show
the "Beads On One String Project" and how it's being
used in elementary schools across the country.


Dennis Warner is interviewed on KARE 11 Television
"Beads On One String". Warner also performs
the song with two of his band members, Dan Neale
on guitar and Derrick Raiter on cajon.

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