Beads on One String - Now in the SIXTH Printing!

What began simply as a song and book about our "connectedness" in the world has grown into a popular bully prevention program available to elementary schools.

Picture a beaded necklace, where every bead is a different size, shape and color, but all held together by one string. This is the concept Dennis Warner used to create an amazing book now being utilized throughout the USA and other countries, showing kids and adults that we are all connected.

"Dennis, I appreciated your ability to touch the hearts of our
students with your inspiring message. Your openess and
honesty radiate throughout your performance."

Deb Boyer - Counselor, Berger Elementary (ND)

The Beads on One String Project focuses on the importance of positive behavior and interaction. The highlight is a school visit by Dennis. Touring nationwide, he loves performing and sharing his uniquely personal stories with the kids and staff. And they love him!

"Beads on One String was inspirational for our students and staff.
The message reinforced our school wide expectation of respect
and tolerance for everyone.. Students were mesmorized for the
entire performance. It truly had a positive impact on our school!"

Karen Quanbeck - Principal, Ralston Elementary (CO)

"Beads on One String celebrates what children already know
instinctively - that we are all one and each beautiful...a great
discussion starter in classrooms and families alike."

Diane Moeller-Prinicpal, Kennedy Elementary (MN)

Besides anti bullying, Beads on One String is an effective way to deal with other school issues including Diversity, Disability and Character Education. It also fits perfectly with PBIS! School counselors love using the concept to demonstrate the importance of diversity while recognizing and promoting the idea that we're more alike than we are different.

"Respect for diversity and differences is the theme of Beads on One
String and this reinforces our school wide behavior expectations. Dennis'
presentation was lively, upbeat, fast paced and age appropriate. The
students were very engaged and facinated during the performance.
I highly recommend Dennis as a guest speaker and performer."

Nancy Nixa - Byron Elementary (MN)

"I've been using Beads on One String in my classroom for
several years and have found it to be a wonderful tool.
Hope to have you visit our school soon!"

Liz Ponessi - Totsnus School (NY)

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BEADS ON ONE STRING to your school?
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