The Beads on One String Project in Action!


"Our goal was to promote diversity
and respect for all people. Dennis
fulfilled that goal in a way that
perhaps can only be accomplished
through the arts."

"It was gratifying to have staff,
parents and children approach
me to express their appreciation
for having Dennis at our school."

"The impact of his performance on
us was renewed appreciation for
others and a lot of fun.

Phil Gurbada - Principal (MN)

 "Dennis Warner is an
awesome performer!"

   "Our school children enjoyed
the concert very much."

   "He was certainly delightful and connected well with the students."

Pat Lindeman - Principal (MN)

  "The students had a blast
making the beads."   

"Thanks for the great concert!!!!"

"We had so much fun. If you ever
need a reference, please do not
hesitate to use my name.

Erin Hatlestad - Principal (MN)